About Metalmark

Metalmark continually strives to provide the utmost in organization and protection of what is important to you! Centered on the incredible flexibility of our multi layered foam, we provide world class cases with unparalleled protection, and ease of customization by the user (or if preferred we can do it).

Our Capabilities
With our proprietary software we provide our customers the option to design a high end in-case insert that adds another layer of protection to the case and the asset. Combining our comprehensive range of cases and enclosures with our proprietary software allows either the end user or us to easily design a high end foam insert that meets any specific need. This combination results in the utmost of visual organization with ruggedized protection in most cases meeting or exceeding ISO 9001, Waterproof and Impact certifications. This goes beyond conventional CNC or Di-Cut foam products. By offering a proprietary software with an easy interface the customers can create a library of their items if desired and create a precise individualized foam insert. Unprecedented, economical, easy, ultra high quality end result.

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