Foam configurator (beyond conventional CNC or Di-Cut foam)
With our proprietary online configurator tool, we provide our customers the option to design a high end in-case insert layout or draw from our extensive tool library.

You can easily upload an image to our library or we can scan your item(s) and provide a layout where further and future changes can be made.

Our precision inserts can be supplied in a variety of color combinations to enhance visual tool management.

  • Easy Scan upload vs costly CAD drawings
  • Scan service
  • Onsite scanning for reduced time and privacy
  • Online Library available for future modification
  • Color combinations for visual indication of missing item

Multi-layered Foam
Another product option is our multilayered foam which allows the end user to trace and cut the item profile into the insert, this provides a much better fit compared to conventional cubed/pick-n-pluck foam.

The foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for storing all your tools in drawers and on walls.

Available in black or black with white under layers for enhanced visual tool management.

  • Easy end-user solution
  • Infinitely customizable to shape of item
  • Superior fit
  • Withstands repeated removal of item
  • Cost effective, yet superior cubed foam

Foam Product Range
Second to none, we have an extensive variety of foam specifications from Ultra Premium ZOTE, XP, and Oil resistant.

Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam is high density closed cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water that enables the material to be fabricated, thermoformed or compression molded in many ways. It has many of the same properties as polyethylene foam but also has the ability to protect class "A" surfaces and is used extensively the packaging of medical products and equipment.

Manufactured exclusively by ARPLANK, these foams feature a range of molded products often referred to as beaded foam. Expanded polypropylene products (EPP) are used extensively in automotive and packaging applications where durability, multiple impact resistance and other demanding performance challenges must be met.

This foam is a nitrogen- charged cross linked polyethylene foam that has increased tear strength while being lightweight. This foam is available in almost any color. This foam is an excellent choice for case inserts and tool kits as it is impervious to most chemicals. Available in a wide range of densities and is also available.

This is a low cost, high resilient open cell flexible foam available in densities ranging from 1# to 1.8#. Also available in anti-static formulations. Polyurethane foam is an open cell flexible foam ranging in density from 1.5# density to 8# density. It is available in anti-static.

Foam packaging is one of the most ecomonical and secure methods for protecting your valuables. Whatever your item, we can help get it to your destination safely.

Do you have a special product that you need to keep protected when not in use? We have the technology to design a perfect fit for even the most unique items.

Our state of the art design facility utilizes the latest computer assisted design equipment to ensure that your project meets exacting standards.

An efficient, professional staff and leading edge equipment combine to form some of the industry’s finest workmanship. Processes include: Skiving, Die Cutting, Hot Wire Cutting, Contour Cutting, and Thermo Plastic Molding.

Our spacious facility allows us to handle jobs of nearly any size. Orders are packaged and loaded in clean, modern surroundings, ensuring that your product arrives on time and ready for use.

Dunnage is a recyclable material used to help protect cargo durring loading and shipping. GWEP offers a wide variety of Dunnage products.

Online eForm Configurator
Our online configurator allows you to plan your rigid foam inlays exactly in line with your requirements. With the online configurator you can plan your tailor-made rigid foam inlay to exactly suit your requirements. Benefit from more than 10,000 pre-installed tool shapes and create a rigid foam inlay that will help you to easily spot if a tool is missing due to the 2-colour foam.

Choose from the 3D variant with 100% accurate depth selection and the lower-cost 2D variant with a single common milled depth throughout.