Zero Knows Protection

Since its beginnings in the 1950's ZERO has been a world supplier of protective cases and enclosures. ZERO's specialties include quality, deep-drawn and fabricated aluminum and molded plastic cases, enclosures and assemblies for the aerospace, industrial, medical, oil and gas, logistics, electronics and telecommunications markets. ZERO's real product is protection - ensuring the safe transport and viability of valuable equipment and electronics, without compromise

What Do Customer Choose Zero For?

Deep Drawn Components
  • Miniatures - Precisions Miniatures are available in aluminum, copper, brass, mu-metal and cold-rolled steel and can be cutomized to your exact needs.
  • Stock Enclosures - Zero is the premier manufacturer of over 32,000 pre-tooled, deep drawn square, round and rectangular aluminum enclosures and covers.
  • Value Added Enclosures - ZERO offers extensive finishing services, including connector holes, mounting studs, and hardware, anodizing, painting, powder coating, chem. film, silk screening, sealing and testing.

Carrying Cases
  • The Guardian- The highest durability in an external case with the specific yet flexible protection inside that individual applications demand.
  • Valuline - Made from deep drawn aluminum shells, the Valuline family of cases provides a variety of standardized options in selecting the case that protect its contetns under the most severe conditions.
  • Centurion Elite/Polaris - Featuring the patented look and alminum construction of classic ZERO cases, Centurion Elite and Polaris products are lightweight yet durable. Centurion Elite and Polaris are customizable with optional features such as environmental protection, seperable hinges, and instrument panels.

19" Rack Mount Cases
  • Warrior - Made of high-strength, rotationally-molded polyethlene, Warrior double entry rack mount cases are designed and enigineered to provide complete protection for the most sensitive E.I.A 19" rack mount equipment and instrumentation.
  • Val-An 700 & Val-An 900 - Engineered to meet the most demanding requirements for rack-mounted equipment, Val-An 700 & 900 aluminum enclosures are perfect for operating and transporting delicate field intrumentation. Two of ZERO's most versatile cases, the Val-An 700 & 900 aer designed to be stacked and accessibel from the front or back.

  • Transitainer - Made of high-strength, rotationally-molded polyethylene, Transitainer cases are the ultimate choice in total packaging protection. These high-density, rugged containers provide a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional transit and storage cases.
  • Val-An - With 52 sizes to choose from, rugged Val-An cases are made from seamless, deep drawn aluminum and are a versatile and customizable solution to transportt and store delicate instruments and equipment.
  • Pre-Engineered Cases - These heavy duty aluminum cases are designed to meet event hte most rigorous requirments - including militay specifications. Additional features provided by ZERO include custome interiors, custom designs, and watertight seals.
  • Modular Containers - The perfect solution for protecting equipment of any size, ZERO modular containers meet your exact needs. These reuasble modular containers are made from light-weight aluminum panels and extrude reinforcements designed for the harshest conditions.