Frequently Asked Questions - Toolbox Widget

What is the height of the widgets?
The widgets are 1.5 inches tall or about 38mm and are just over an inch wide or 30mm. They fit in almost all shallow drawers

What wrenches can the wrench widgets hold?
Vertical wrench widgets - depending on the brand they can hold micro wrenches or 5/32” or 4mm up to 2” or 52mm.
Angled wrench widgets - They are made for large wrenches, generally 3/4 inch or 19mm and larger.

Can I connect the vertical wrench organizers to the angled wrench organizers?
Yes, we have an adapter for connecting angled widgets to vertical widgets. It does take up some space but allows angled and vertical widgets in the same run.

How do the wrench size labels work?
They simply plug into the top of the vertical wrench widget as needed where needed.  
They are compatible with Generation 1 vertical wrench widgets and current vertical wrench widgets.

Are the current products compatible with generation 1 vertical wrench organizers?
Yes, the current products are backward compatible with the original vertical wrench organizers.

What can the screwdriver widgets hold?
Small and large screwdrivers, picks, punches, ratchet extensions and more.

What if I need more space between the wrench widgets for screwdriver handles?
Spacers are provided with the screwdriver organizer kits and can also be purchased if needed.
Simply add as many spacers between the screwdriver widgets as needed.  This allows you to customize the space between them if needed.

What are the widgets made of?
They are made of a plastic/rubber blend to make them flexible and keep them from breaking when flexed but still be rigid to hold hand tools.

How strong are the magnets?
Each magnet is approximately 7lbs of pull when used on a normal steel toolbox. They also have a steel plate to keep the magnet securely in place.

How many widgets can I put together?
The widgets come in ones and twos, this allows you to connect any number of organizers you need, but you can have as few as one or as many as you can fit in your toolbox. For example, if you had a 4’ wide toolbox, you could attach 4’ worth of widgets.

How many widgets do I need per a wrench?
Depending on your need or preference, one wrench per widget works great. Some users like using two per wrench which is more preferred on very large wrenches or mobile techs who have their tool boxes in their vehicle.

Can I use the widgets with a drawer liner?
Yes, the preferred method is with thin drawer liners. The thinner drawer liners allow for great grip, plus you can see the missing tool indicator more easily. The magnets are strong enough to still hold everything in place, even while shaking the drawer.

What happens if a magnet pops out?
It is rare, especially with the steel plates and retention plates. However, if this should happen they have been designed to have a place to super glue just in case. Simply clean the magnet and widget side with alcohol, let dry and you can use standard super glue. Let dry for the recommended time then re-use. If this happens and you are not satisfied with it, Toolbox Widget will replace the widget for you. See the lifetime warranty, returns page or email us at

What if I am a mobile mechanic with my toolbox in the back of my vehicle?           
The Toolbox Widget works great for mobile mechanics and has been tested by several mobile mechanics and they love it! We do recommend using a thin drawer liner to help with the grip and for large tools more widgets as needed.

What are the orange missing tool indicators?
They allow for a user to quickly look through their toolbox and if they see orange, they know they have a missing tool. If all tools are in place you will not see the orange missing tool indicators. If you see orange than you know you have left a tool behind.