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Kaizen Foam

Kaizen Insert for Milwaukee Compact Organizer

Kaizen Insert for Milwaukee Compact Organizer

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This Milwaukee Packout kaizen foam insert is made by a CNC to fit the 48-22-8435 Milwaukee Packout Compact Organizer. Our Kaizen Inserts for Packout are customizable foam inserts for you to create your unique Milwaukee Packout Kaizen Insert. Packout Kaizen Inserts are the Milwaukee Packout Foam Inserts you need today. 

Thickness/Depth Options:

7/8" (20mm)


1 1/8" (30mm)


2 1/4" (57mm)


Fill To Top

  • Bottom - 57mm
  • Top - 20mm


NOTE/WARNING:  This box has a clear lid, keep out of sunlight, as the lid acts as a magnifier and will melt the foam!

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