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Toolbox Widget

Screwdriver Organizer

Screwdriver Organizer

Holds 12 Screwdrivers

Modular Screwdriver Organizers made for Your ToolBox! 

The absolute easiest, fastest and best way to properly organize your screwdrivers and more in your toolbox! Organize a typical screwdriver drawer in about 5 mins. Mechanics everywhere are loving them and can't believe how easy and great they work.

  • Each kit holds 12 screwdrivers, but add more holders as needed.
  • Holds small and large screwdrivers, picks, punches, and ratchet extensions.
  • Saves about 40% of drawer space and cleans those drawers up.
  • Use optional spacers to allow for more room between widgets, 8 included.
  • Includes eight spacers per kit and allows for more screwdriver handle room.
  • Strong Neodymium magnets, over 50lbs of pull per a kit.
  • Magnets hold widgets securely in place, even with a slam.
  • Works great with thin drawer liners.
  • Orange missing tool indicators makes inventory easy.
  • Widgets are 1.5" tall and fit into shallow drawers.
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