Frequently Asked Questions - BITMAG


My power tool already has a built in bit-storage. Why do I need the Bitmag?

The Bitmag allows you to easily grab your bits, even with gloves on! There is room for up to five bits. The bitmag can also store bit holders, drills & small sockets.

I don’t have fastening holes for clip on my machine, how do I fasten my BITMAG?

You can attach the Bitmag using double sided bonding tape, which also makes it possible to attach the Bitmag anywhere you want.

  • Make sure the surfaces on both your power tool and Bitmag is clean.

  • Cut a piece of double sided bonding tape and attach it on to the Bitmag.

  • Then remove the protector film and attach the Bitmag onto your power tool.

How much time do I save using the Bitmag?

Well, that can vary between individuals, but ask yourself how much time you spend on:

  • taking of your gloves and looking for bits in your pockets

  • picking up dropped bits from the ground

  • getting new bits, when you lost or misplaced the ones you had

The Bitmag saves you the interfering interruptions mentioned above and enables you to focus on the task at hand. Overall you’ll get a better workflow which also saves a lot of time.

I only use long bits nowadays, since the short ones get stuck in the screw so easily. How can I benefit from the Bitmag?

Our best tip for you is that you get yourself a (bit more expensive) bit holder that has a retaining ring in the front. The ring latches onto the small notches on the bit and keeps it in place.

Of course the Bitmag also fits long bits, but we believe the solution above to be better in most cases.

What magnets are in the Bitmag?

The Bitmag Original has Neodynium magnets. The Bitmag Plastic has Samarium-Cobolt magnets. Both are very strong permanent magnets.

Why are there little red dots on the fastening screws that come with the Bitmag?

The red dots are Loctite Dri-Loc, a pre-applied adhesive that makes the fasteners self-lock when attaching the Bitmag onto your machine.

You claim that the Bitmag increases work safety, but how?

Bitmag increases work safety in many aspects, here are some examples:

Gloves kept on:
Most big construction companies demand their workers to wear gloves at all times. However, wearing gloves makes it more difficult to change bits, which often leads to workers cutting off the tips of their gloves, some may not wear gloves at all. The Bitmag enables bit change all the while gloves are kept on, which decreases the risks for hand injuries.

Stuff not dropped:
While taking gloves off and searching your pockets for bits, you risk dropping both gloves, bits and machine. When working at higher altitude, for example ladder, lift or scaffold, the Bitmag decreases the risk to injure someone below.

You yourself are also at risk during the bit change described above. Losing your grip or balance can cause serious injuries. Unnecessary climbing down and up to retrieve what you dropped also poses safety risks.

Efficient in cold climate:
Working outdoor in winter means you get a cooling effect on your hands every time your take your gloves of. Using the Bitmag enables you to keep your gloves on and your fingers warm.

Using bits in cold climate often leads to problems with condensation and freezing, when using common bit storage systems. Because of the bits getting hot from friction when used, water quickly condensate onto it and it might freeze stuck in the storage. In order to get the bits out you might need to stop working and go inside to defrost them. The Bitmag has generous bit-holes and round magnets that hold the bits centered in the middle. As the bits don't touch the sides of the bit-holes, the risk for freezing decreases. If a bit does freeze stuck anyway, there is room to wiggle it back and forth to break it loose.

Overall a better workflow:
The Bitmag saves you a lot of unnecessary interruptions, which allows you to stay focused. As a result you might notice that you are less likely to make stupid mistakes, all the while you’re more likely to get into that nice workflow that makes working more fun and rewarding.

How does the Bitmag contribute to a sustainable society?

Most people buy lots of bits in big boxes, but end up using just a few. Those “favorite bits” eventually gets lost or broken and so the box gets useless. People then tend to buy a new big set, and history repeats itself. This leads to a lot of bits being produced, and bought to no use.

Using the Bitmag, you don’t lose your bits so easily anymore. You’ll notice that you don’t drop or misplace your bits the way you did before. As you start keeping track of your bits, you may treat yourself to some more expensive, high quality bits. Those bits will last much longer and can also be purchased one on one, that way you only need to buy the bits you actually use.

The Bitmag contributes to a more efficient use of resource in many ways. It is lowering the impact on the environment, creating a safer work place, and also saves a lot of time and money.