Kaizen Foam Inserts for Pelican & Nanuk Cases

Organize - Store - Transport - Protect

Protect and organize your equipment during transport with our Pelican & Nanuk Case Kaizen Foam inserts. Available in four color variants, these DIY foam inserts offer superior protection for your Pelican case.  

Unlike cubed (pick n Pluck) foam, Kaizen Foam inserts hold up over repeated use and won't break down, keeping your expensive case clean and tidy. Perfect for camera gear, instruments, and all your important equipment.

  • 1. Trace

    To start, lay your equipment on the foam and trace it out with a marker, making sure to get all the nuances of your equipment.

  • 2. Cut

    Then take a utility knife and set the blade to how deep you want the cut out to be and then cut out your outline. 

  • 3. Peel

    Peel out the foam by sticking your fingers underneath the cut out and use your fingers as a sort of plow and peel it out at your desired layer. 

Infinitely customizable to your needs and equipment!

What is Kaizen Foam?

Kaizen foam is a specialized foam used for organizing and protecting gear and equipment. It is made from closed-cell polyethylene foam, which is lightweight, durable, and holds up with repeated use. Kaizen foam comes in layers that can be easily cut and customized to fit the shape, size, & depth of your gear.

Explore the Advantages!

Make the switch to Kaizen Foam for your case storage today and experience the difference for yourself. You will make pick and pluck a thing of the past!